Welcome to the launch of Menu Patterns!

Welcome to Menu Patterns!

This is George from Menu Patterns, and I’d like to use this very first blog post to warmly welcome all of you to my brand new site! Front end design and coding is my passion, and as such I often peruse design inspirational sites such as Dribble and CSS Drive to stay informed on current design trends, and more importantly, for inspiration on putting together an alluring web site.

I’m fascinated by all the intricacies that go into the making of an attractive and effective web site, from the layout, font used, to its responsive features and JavaScript effects. One of the most important elements on any web page I’m sure we can all agree is navigation, and it is this area where I feel there’s currently a void in terms of effective presentation of the countless types of menus and navigational UIs sites employ, patterns that we can all learn and draw inspiration from. This is how the idea of Menu Patterns came about- to present navigation and menu patterns in a simple yet complete manner, using a short video clip. Navigation and menu UIs by their nature are interactive, and in order to fully present that, I believe going with video instead of screen shots would be a lot more helpful to the viewer. I know for me it is, and that’s why MenuPatterns.com was created.

I hope you find Menu Patterns helpful to you as a web designer. I welcome any feedback big or small. Also, if anyone has any specific tips on improving the presentation of the videos or the video quality, I’m all ears!