15 awesome Hamburger Icon Animations

15 awesome Hamburger Icon Animations

While the verdict is still out on the hamburger icon as a menu UI, these simple 3 lines based icons continue to grow in popularity with web designers as a starting point for a menu. Currently over 60% of the menus featured on Menu Patterns utilize the Hamburger Icon as the primary means to activating their menu. So love it or hate it, hamburger icon menus are here to stay. In this post, we’ll look at 15 creative hamburger icon animations from Dribbble and elsewhere to get you inspired (again maybe) on this scorching hot UI trend:

1) Kirill’s Hamburger Icon

Kirill's Hamburger Icon

2) Fausto E-Burger Icon

Expanding Circle Hamburger Icon

3) Alex’s Flip Burger Icon

Flip Burger Icon

4) Tamas’ Ninja Burger Menu

Ninja Hamburger Icon

5) Vinh’s Preview Burger Icon

Preview Burger Icon

6) Kit’s Morphing Hamburger Icon

Morphing Hamburger Icon

7) Oleg’s Hamburger Menu Animation

Hamburger Menu Animation

7) Juan’s Burst Hamburger Icon

Burst Hamburger Icon

8) Emanual’s Elastic Hamburger Icon

Elastic Hamburger Icon

9) Juan’s Swipe Burger Icon

Swipe Burger Icon

10) Romain’s Uneven Hamburger Icon

Uneven Hamburger Icon

Hamburger Icon Tutorials

Now that we’ve seen what some creativity can do with just 3 lines, the following 5 excellent tutorials show us how to create our own hamburger icon UI, using pure HTML/CSS, JavaScript, or SVG:

11) CSS Animated Hamburger Icon Tutorial

Animated CSS Hamburger Icon Tutorial

12) CSS Animated Hamburger Close and Arrow Icons Tutorial

CSS Animated Hamburger Close and Arrow Icons Tutorial

13) Hamburger Open and Close Animations Tutorial

Different Hamburger Open and Close Animations Tutorial

14) Making a SVG HTML Burger Button

SVG Hamburger Icon Tutorial

15) Mobile Full Screen Hamburger Menu

Mobile Full Screen Hamburger Icon Menu

Conclusion: The hamburger icon as a design UI may not be universally embraced, but as you can see from the above awesome examples, that doesn’t mean creativity and ingenuity have abandoned the three simple lines that many visitors have come to expect as the door way to a drop down, side bar, or full screen menu.