5 of the best ergonomic tools and tips for graphic and web designers

5 Essential Ergonomic Tools and Tips For Graphic and Web Designers

To the average computer user, an ergonomic work environment is a nice thing to have. To Graphic and Web Designers, however, it’s critical. For those of us that spend countless hours glued to our screens, our hands clenched as we conjure up the next great illustration or webpage wire frame, good ergonomics can mean the […]

15 awesome Hamburger Icon Animations

15 awesome Hamburger Icon Animations

While the verdict is still out on the hamburger icon as a menu UI, these simple 3 lines based icons continue to grow in popularity with web designers as a starting point for a menu. Currently over 60% of the menus featured on Menu Patterns utilize the Hamburger Icon as the primary means to activating […]

Welcome to Menu Patterns!

Welcome to the launch of Menu Patterns!

This is George from Menu Patterns, and I’d like to use this very first blog post to warmly welcome all of you to my brand new site! Front end design and coding is my passion, and as such I often peruse design inspirational sites such as Dribble and CSS Drive to stay informed on current […]